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About Us

A Leading Manufacturer of Low Pressure Watermist Nozzles

Dualmist Ltd is the manufacturer of a leading range of Low Pressure Watermist Nozzles designed by Dualmist International Ltd.

Nozzle components are manufactured and supplied in the UK by HPC Services Ltd (
They are then assembled under strict 
PN111-15 Factory production Control which forms part of the LPCB approval system.

Each nozzle is engraved with a Part Number, assembly date, flow rate and a unique serial number that allows full traceability of all the components back to the raw material certificates. The DM4R and DM4C Nozzles are LPCB Approved and have undergone a vast range of pressure/leak and corrosion testing to eliminate any potential design flaws. Under FPC procedures each nozzles that is produced undertakes a rigourous testing regime (pressure/leak/activation and 100% bulb cull test) to ensure that there are no defects in the product or the bulb prior to dispatch.

The Thermo-bulbs we use are purchased from JoB Gmbh in Germany and are manufactured under ISO 14001.


How It Works

DualMist uses a variety of methods (impingement,spinners and edge decompression) to create a blend of small and medium water droplet size. We then use larger droplets in the form of jets to distribute these smaller droplets as far as possible from the nozzle. In this way we can engulf the entire area in a combination of fine mist and larger water droplets. The larger water droplets have the ability to penetrate the fire and the smaller droplets act like a gas and suffocate the fire whilst also removing large amounts of heat energy. In this way we can easily outperform a conventional sprinkler nozzle using up to 50% less water.

Fast Performance

We use Job fast acting bulbs to ensure the nozzle activates as soon as possible


Design and Installation manuals are available to download

Top Quality

All nozzles are manufactured from brass or stainless steel and undergo rigourous tests


Lower Flow Requirements

Dualmist has nozzles that have passed BS8458 and BS8489. Using these watermist standards instead of Sprinkler standards can often mean large reductions in tank sizing.

Lower Installation Costs

Using less water means smaller tanks,smaller pipes, smaller pumps and as some nozzles can be used at 5 metre spacing it can also mean fewer overall nozzles. The end result is that in spite of the nozzle costing more per unit than a sprinkler nozzle, the overall cost of the whole installation can sometimes be significantly lower than that of a conventional sprinkler system.