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Our Watermist Nozzles have been through a rigorous regime of independently certified performance testing. Dualmist products have a diverse portfolio of fire test accreditations and fire test data that has been overseen and validated by BRE Global​ and the FPA.
We have now been awarded LPCB approval for both DM4R and DM4C Nozzles.
Please see listing on for details.

DualMist in conjunction with Premier Mist UK Ltd were the first company to attain full fire test approval to the residential published water mist standard BS 8458 and the published BS DD 8489 for commercial water mist systems. In addition to the standard British standard protocol.

DualMist have surpassed the performance of conventional sprinklers at ceiling heights exceeding 5m and have successfully performance tested the DualMIST wall mounted nozzle (DM5) at an extended coverage of 25m2 whilst utilising a water density of only 2mm per m2. 










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It should be noted that Dualmist will in general only supply the proprietary components (nozzles) to the system. It will be up to the installers to design the scheme and source pipes, pumps and tanks etc and ensure that the overall system is compliant to the required standard. We can sell you these things but in general you will achieve better pricing by going direct to suppliers. We can help you by recommending suppliers if required.

We can give good prices on high quality control panels as we have a good UK supplier for these. (RMA Systems)

and we would also recommend Ebara pumps as we currently use these for our UK systems.

If you wish to be become an installer then in general this will also mean you will need specialist software  (Canute or similar) to design the layout of the system which needs to be hydraulically calculated for pressure and flow. We generally assume that interested parties would already have such software and personnel trained in using it as they should be already experienced in fire sprinkler system design and installation. It should be only a matter of applying the same skillset to the different standards required for watermist (BS8489-1 and BS8458:2015).
These design standards and others are available to download from the BSI website.